Meet the Architect


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Peggy Hosmer, Architect

393 East 100 South, Moab, UT  84532


Peggy grew up in Keene, New Hampshire and earned her degree with a specialization in historic preservation at Syracuse University in upstate New York.  She interned at a firm in Philadelphia and worked at architectural firms in Boston and San Francisco for several years before opening a private practice in Marin County, California in 1988.  Since then, she has managed a diverse range of primarily residential and small commercial projects for homeowners and developers.  She is a licensed architect in California and Utah.

Peggy first came to Moab with her husband, Jeff, in 1995 to mountain bike but quickly fell in love with the high desert scenery, sense of community and the quieter life of a small, yet active town.  They started spending more time in Moab and now call it home for six months a year.  Peggy opened an office in Moab and has quickly become busy working on a variety of projects, including new homes, small commercial buildings and remodeled retail space.  Most recently, she has had the privilege of working with Kim and Cherie to design a building for the residence and group spaces at the ACT Campground.  In Moab, she has found a community that has a respect for the land, culture and environment and a willingness to explore a wide variety of traditional and progressive construction methods and ideas.

Peggy approaches design as a collaborative effort between her and the clients,  encouraging input and advice from the contractor, engineers and other members of the construction team to develop the most attractive, yet practical and cost effective design possible.  She strives for interesting and pleasing designs that derive from a blend of site compatibility, functionality and energy efficiency.

Peggy and Jeff continue to explore the desert landscape around Moab on bike and foot, and they travel around the country and abroad whenever schedule allows.  They hope to make Moab their full-time home in the very near future.

ACT Campground Design

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