Making a Reservation

To make a reservation

There are two ways to make a reservation with the ACT Campground

 Before heading to make an online reservation,            these are reasons to call the office at 435-355-0355 

You must call the office

  • If your First Night is more than 180 days from today
  • You want to make a reservation for the Yurt

We recommend calling the office to get a better outcome for both you and us

  • You want two or more reservations in adjacent sites
  • You want to make a reservation for a group with multiple sites
  • You have more than 6 people for a tent site
  • You want to put more than one tent on a tent site
  • You have some other special situation the computer will not understand
  • You just want to talk to the friendly people at the end of the phone line

1)  Click here to go to the online Reservation System

Note – the online reservation system shows base rate before additional charges (50 amp power or more than 3 adults on a tent site) are added 

2)  Call the ACT Campground at 435-355-0355 (or email if outside the US or Canada) 

To make a group reservation (multiple sites) or other special situations, calling the office is the best way to ensure we meet your needs!