Experience Living in a Yurt

YurtOne feature at the ACT Campground and Learning Center is the imposing sight of a giant yurt. The round tent-like structure is an addition to the campground’s lodging alternatives. Yurts have been used for thousands of years in central Asia, particularly Mongolia. Built of a wooden lattice-like framework and covered with heavy felt panels, those original yurts made ideal portable homes for migrating tribes.

The yurt at ACT Campground is the largest currentlyYurtInterior available, fully 30 feet in diameter and enclosing about 700 square feet. It will be used to house groups of ten or more and it is expected to be able to accommodate as many as 20 or 25 scouts, college kids or young adults who can spread out their bedrolls on the floor. (Interestingly, the first two bookings were for only two persons who wanted the experience of staying in a yurt.)

No pets are allowed in the yurt. Groups of children under the age of 18 must be under the constant supervision of an adult.